Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorority Bid Day 2009

For the uninitiated, this is what sorority bid day looks like at USC! The part where the girls in pink shirts take off their Pi Chi shirts is what they call 'reveal' where the disafilliated women who have served as Pi Chis all week take off the Pi Chi shirt and reveal their sorority shirts underneath to the potential new members.

Then, after the potential new members get their bid card from their Pi Chi, they run to their new sisters on the Horseshoe. I didn't see any of the Kappa's in this video, but you get the general idea of the singing, chanting, screaming, etc. that is a fun end to a very long week!

What really cracks me up about this video is the tube socks the girls are wearing - are these coming back? Scary.

A few years ago, a streaker in a gorilla mask ran down the Horseshoe - and I saw him coming and we just howled. I had never seen a streaker before.

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